Body Therapy
Just as Temples need restoring, so do our bodies. Our body treatments are the answer to balance, harmony, and restoration.

Body Wraps

*Wraps include 1/2 hour of moisturizing massage

1 1/2 Hours $130.00
100% pure laminaria nourishes, increases tone and metabolism, detoxifies the body

Back Beauty 1 Hour $75.00
Deep cleansing, extractions, purifying mask, and balancing cream on the back

Busting Pride 1 Hour $75.00
Deep nourishment, lymphatic drainage, firming mask, balancing, and toning on the decollete area

Fluid Reliever 45 Minutes $60.00
Anti-fluid gel wrap, lymphatic drainage specific area of body

Cellulite Control 1 Hour Series 12 $500.00
Analysis of body type, treatments accordingly, drainage, and toning, GX99 endthamology

Salt Glow 1 Hour $90.00
Dead sea salts stimulate lymph and circulation, exfoliates skin, releases toxins, followed with 1/2 moisturizing massage

Scalp Revitalizer 45 Minutes $50.00
Pressure point massage with essential oils relieves tension and headaches, and scalp is stimulated

Body Scrub 1 Hour $90.00
Removal of dead cells with pumice granules

Ear Candling 3/4 Hour for 2 $45.00
Relaxing and natural way of removing wax

Body Brushing 1/2 Hour $45.00
Learn the art of brushing the skin in a manner that releases toxins and stimulates circulation. Includes your own natural skin brush.




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